Hak Cipta Terpelihara : Isha Idiaz

Mereka Pembaca Setia

Salam and hye to all readers out there. For my regular readers and followers from my fb and past blog, at http://www.fareezfarisha.blogspot.com, thanks for your support guys. I realized that all of you have difficulties to find my short stories and e-novels there. So, i take this opportunity to transfer all my writings there in this blog. Feel free to leave your comment after readings. Click like button if you like my entry. By clicking the like and FB share button, you help to promote my blog and my entry to other people that connects with you in facebook. For that, thanks guys.


Just a basic introduction of myself:

Name : Isha Idiaz
I'm a new free writer, author, and novelist
I write with my heart, so read with your heart
Feel it and you will understand all my writings
I don't know how to lie,but i know how to cry
I don't know how to ride, all i know is to write


May all of you satisfied with my entry. Enjoy your readings.


With Love, 
Isha Idiaz

©Hak Cipta Terpelihara - Isha Idiaz